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Saggio di vino’s SKOPE Story

According to Lisa Scholz, owner of Saggio di Vino restaurant in Christchurch, every restaurant should have SKOPE fridges.

“I know other businesses who have Italian fridges and you need a repairman sitting next to them all the time,” she says.

And Scholz should know what she is talking about. With decades of experience in the hospitality sector, she installed the prototype of one of the SKOPE gastronorm models in her kitchen, and it is still going strong 20 years (and 12,000 plus earthquakes) later.

Saggio Di Vino Bar

She added a second gastronorm to her kitchen 15 years ago, and it is also still working well. Scholz makes sure they are regularly serviced, and says that when she first installed them in her kitchen, her power bills dropped by 60% – making them well worth the investment.

As a purveyor of fine wines, several years ago she spoke to the SKOPE team about having a bottler cooler with different temperature zones to cater for different wines and beers, but she solved that problem by replacing her old bottle cooler with two new SKOPE fridges in the bar.

“We have one chiller set to 3 degrees for beers, soft drinks, champagne and dessert wines, and one set to 8 degrees for white wines. It works very well , they are nice to look at and they look like one unit behind the bar.”

She has remote controls for the new fridges and says they are ideal for her business.

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SKOPE Refrigeration Maintenance Tips

To get the best possible performance from your SKOPE cabinet, follow these basic maintenance tips to ensure your SKOPE cabinet provides you with many years of uninterrupted performance.

Keep the condenser clean

It is important to keep the condenser clean, as blockage can double the normal power consumption and lead to a reduced life of the cabinet.
If the condenser coil is not regularly cleaned, it will lead to major component failure.


Correct cabinet placement

Correct placement is vital to ensure your cabinet operates in the manner it was designed to. Poor placement will increase the amount of time the cabinet operates, therefore increasing power consumption. It may also contribute to poor product temperature and could lead to product failure.

Don’t overload cabinets

An overloaded cabinet will impact on the internal cabinet airflow, leading to large temperature variation among stored products. This can lead to some products being warm, whilst others can be frozen. Other results of overloading may include over consumption of power and shelf deflection or breakage.

When to call a service technician

Before calling for service, please review our trouble shooting information in your user manual, as you may be able to correct a problem with your appliance by following these guidelines.

Effective cleaning of stainless steel

The simplest way to clean stainless steel is to use water and a microfiber cloth. For more powerful cleaning, a mild detergent can be used with warm water. Glass cleaner is good for removing fingerprints and stainless steel cleaner can be used for staining or polishing. Remember to always dry the water off to prevent any water staining.

Visit our our range of how-to videos to learn about product features, installation and ongoing maintenance of your SKOPE cabinet.

Christchurch Agency Keeps Cool with SKOPE

SKOPE fridge at hairyLemon offices

While most of our fridges and freezers find their way into cafes, restaurants and commercial kitchens of various kinds, that’s not the only location you might come across the SKOPE brand.

As the Christchurch rebuild gathers momentum, local businesses like digital agency hairyLemon are moving back into the CBD, into brand new, custom built offices – and SKOPE has a presence there too.

hairyLemon owners Sue Wilkinson and Graham Dockrill invested significant time and funds into the fit-out of their new premises, after spending the last three years in less than ideal office space in Hornby.

“Moving back to the CBD was a huge priority for us in 2013,” says Wilkinson. “We had to leave our previous Victoria Street office space following the February 2011 earthquake and we were very focused on getting back into the city as soon as a suitable building became available.”

The new premises at 134 Victoria Street are in a Sheppard + Rout designed building nicknamed “the Ark” during construction, due to the innovative laminated timber frame, developed in conjunction with Professor Andy Buchanan from University of Canterbury’s school of engineering.

Buchanan and colleagues Associate Professor Stefano Pampanin and Dr Alessandro Palermo received UC’s Innovation Medal as a result of their pioneering work on a whole new system of earthquake-resistant buildings using post-tensioned structural timber, referred to as pres-lam (pre-stressed laminated timber).

One of the key considerations with bringing a team of 25 staff back into the city was the safety of the building they were moving back into, according to Wilkinson and Dockrill.

Thanks to the engineering and construction, 134 Victoria Street ticked those boxes, as well as providing the perfect blank canvas for the second major consideration – a dynamic and visually appealing office space that fitted the company’s profile as an innovative digital agency.

hairyLemon office hairyLemon interior

“Design and human factors are also very important for us and our staff, so for the new fit-out we chose to work with the same team who designed our previous Victoria Street offices.

“We enjoy working with KVA Design because we are able to give them a very loose brief and somehow they understand our personality and manage to manifest it into the space for us,” Wilkinson said.

The design theme was based around ‘bringing the outdoors in’ which inspired the use of green and yellow as the primary colours, areas of ‘grass’ carpeting, living plant walls and large imagery of autumn trees in the meeting rooms.

Other custom features include sound proof “pods” for quiet work and collaboration time, a full height blackboard wall in the kitchen/break out space, high tech Evoko units and Epsom smart boards for meeting rooms, and passive lighting.

Looking after the needs of staff and clients in the new space also meant providing kitchen and refreshment facilities and that’s where the company chose to install their SKOPE bar fridge, a full height fridge for staff use and a third under counter fridge in the board room to hold wine and other beverages.

Custom graphics created by hairyLemon’s in house designers were added as frosting and to the illuminated sign panel of the large stand up fridge.

hairyLemon fridge  SKOPE bar fridge living wall hairyLemon