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Getting it right matters

What’s right for me?

Getting it right matters, right? Beverages need to be cold, food needs to be well presented and above all, safe. A bad customer experience can be a lost customer.

How do you make the right choice about refrigeration? There are lots of types of refrigeration suitable for different purposes with all kinds of features.

To help you get it right we’ve put together a simple guide to SKOPE’s refrigeration range, called Your Guide to Commercial Refrigeration.”

Jargon-free and visually appealing – our new guide offers a richer, more user friendly experience to visitors who aren’t familiar with our product range or need assistance navigating through it.

“Your Guide to Commercial Refrigeration” aims to help you find the right product for you, whether you’re a supermarket, club or pub, convenience store, hotel, school, cafeteria or restaurant, or quick service outlet.

As a hospitality provider your focus is on delivering outstanding experience to your customers. SKOPE’s job as a commercial refrigeration supplier is to give you a reliable fridge, freezer, blast chiller or cool room that will keep your food safe and drinks cold 24 hours a day. You don’t want refrigeration failures that result in food wastage, unhappy customers or a repairman in the middle of your café or restaurant trying to fix the problem.

At the heart of food safety or serving an ‘ice’ cold beverage is tight temperature control. Not only do SKOPE fridges hold tight temperatures to protect perishable food items, they’ve been designed to rapidly cool beverages to 5° (or colder) in the fastest and most efficient way.

Choosing the Right Equipment Matters to your Bottom Line

The refrigeration you choose makes a huge difference to the performance of your business. Choosing and maintaining the right refrigeration can make a significant difference not only to your trade, but to your bottom line. Selecting the wrong type of commercial fridge or freezer increases the risk of unsafe food which could damage your reputation.

SKOPE offer a variety of options, from glass door front-of-house display fridges that drive sales, through to fit for purpose industrial fridges or freezers. Can’t find what suits your specific requirements? We can design something perfect for you.

One aspect that doesn’t change when you choose SKOPE however is our ongoing commitment to reliability, quality of build, and energy efficiency.

Here’s a quick summary on how to use the guide to find what you are looking for:

Product Categorisation

Navigate our wide range of products with the following categories

Instead of poring over a brochure full of refrigeration options, our guide sorts products into usage categories. So whether you are looking for a bar display solution, food storage solution or all of the above, you can find all the relevant solutions on one page.

Each category has its own page and they are in the same order as listed above.

Industry Recommendations

You can refer to these industry symbols for our recommendation on where each product is best suited.

Quick Comparisons

We’ve added a quick reference table to help you compare our different ranges and find out which option is best based on the type of requirements you have. For example, if you want to see which range is best for a busy kitchen environment, the comparison table will quickly show you which products you should consider.

Our new guide makes it easy to compare product features with easy to use comparison tables.


SKOPE are solutions focused and understand that every need is different. Because of this, we’ve added a helpful option in the comparison tables to let you know if the range is customisable or not. This way, you can choose a solution that you know is right for you, not the next best option.

Style your doors, handles and other features to really stand out from the crowd. If you can imagine it, then we’d love to hear from you.

SKOPE have 50 years’ experience keeping your drinks cold and food safe and are market leaders in energy efficient products. You can depend on us for the best in refrigeration and our unique ActiveCoreTM technology can help lower your operating costs. We offer the ability to customise the solutions to suit your requirements and you can rest easy with our superior warranty protection.

Download “Your Guide to Commercial Refrigeration” and use this helpful guide to choose a solution that is the right fit for you.