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Commercial refrigeration requirements? We can help!

This blog is a handy overview of our product categories to help you find the commercial refrigeration solution that’s right for your establishment. Download Your Guide to Commercial Refrigeration for more detailed information about our products and product categories.

Food Preparation

Commercial kitchens share one thing in common: no matter how big they are and how many people they have to accommodate – every appliance and every surface needs to work hard – just as hard as your team.

Providing streamlined, highly efficient and multi-purpose refrigeration that makes working life easier is what SKOPE is all about.

You know you can rely on every SKOPE product to perform to the standard you expect – and beyond, so investing in a SKOPE equipped kitchen is a great way to get your business off to a great start.

Our range features fridges to suit any kitchen environment. From stainless steel surfaces that double as benches for prep work; underbench fridge or freezer storage so everything you need is right at hand, to multi-purpose Gastronorm fridges compatible with your ovens and service areas.

Food Storage

Got a super small or super large kitchen? No matter what the space you are working with, our premium range of food storage underbench fridges can be customised to fit.

Options include more or fewer doors, drawers, remote control and more. You can also choose Gastronom or non-Gastronorm fridges and freezers to better streamline your kitchen workflow.

You can be confident that no matter how hot it is outside or in your kitchen, your SKOPE fridges and freezers can handle it. All SKOPE products are designed to keep food fresh and at consistent temperatures to avoid waste due to spoilage, even when you’re busy and the doors are being opened frequently.

Food Display

We all know that presentation makes perfect. Your refrigeration should showcase the creations you’ve taken the utmost care to produce and drive high margin impulse sales. Our food display range, designed with your customer in mind, combines style with function. This unrivaled range not only looks great, it maintains a consistent temperature to ensure food freshness and quality.

With options including glass frontage, glass doors or no doors, mix and match these highly efficient models to create the perfect display for you.

Bar Display

Make a statement in your bar with our stylish Backbar fridges, perfect for keeping your best sellers chilled. From a modern frameless glass door design, whisper quiet operation, high efficiency power savings, and clever internal airflow to keep product icy cold, our Backbar fridges provide an outstanding beverage retailing solution. Perfect for front of house, these fridges will enhance the presentation of your beverages in any environment.

When you get busy SKOPE steps in to help you get the drinks out faster. Our fridges feature rapid cooling technology which chills beverages to 5° (or colder) quickly and efficiently so you can nail happy hour.

General Display

The multi-purpose premium range features the latest ActiveCore™ technology for maximum performance and market-leading energy efficiency. Our ActiveCore range of glass door fridges are the most energy efficient in the Southern Hemisphere, over 50% more efficient than our previous glass door range, and up to 65% more efficient than others in the market. Energy efficient refrigeration saves big dollars on your power bill – up to $1,000 per year by replacing just one fridge with a modern, energy efficient equivalent.

Tight temperature control across all fridges ensures food and drink are safely stored and attractively presented in any environment, even in really hot environments. Our SKT and SKB models provide plenty of flexible options, and feature our new modern frameless glass door design to showcase your products in the way they deserve.

Blast Chillers

When it comes to blast chilling, every chef has their own precise needs. Our world-leading Irinox brand gives you perfection at your fingertips, with fully flexible delicate or strong chilling and freezing options.

The advanced features of this range include; personalised cycles for the ultimate in efficiency, low temperature cooking functions and a touchscreen interface.

Irinox allows you to chill and freeze meals hours or days before serving using advanced chilling technology. Capable of preserving food hygienically and quickly,
Irinox Blast Chillers, Shock Freezers and holding cabinets minimise bacteria growth and preseve food quality. This range includes models with the capacity to preserve sizeable cooked foods in a commercial environment, an invaluable asset for times of high demand.

Cool Rooms

MISA walk in cool and freezer rooms are an efficient way to provide refrigerated storage for multiple chilled or frozen products within a single space. The polyurethane panels provide maximum insulation and food safety peace of mind with MISA’s innovative antibacterial system.

The patented fast-fit twin hook CAMLOCK systems makes these rooms easy to assemble anywhere within your business.


Want to make something larger, smaller, deeper, higher, a different colour or finish? We can create a refrigeration solution unique to your business. If you can imagine it, we’d love to hear from you.