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SKOPE adds Glass Door Inserts for Cool Rooms

SKOPE cool room glass door insert

With our years of experience designing and manufacturing refrigerators, one of the things the SKOPE team has learned to do extremely well is build, stylish, robust, energy efficient glass doors and door surrounds for refrigeration systems.

Usually those doors are attached to one of our freezer or chiller ranges, however the SKOPE R and D team has now developed a full range of glass door solutions that can be fitted to cool and freezer rooms typically found in supermarkets, petrol stations and convenience stores.

A cool or freezer room merchandising system using multiple glass doors can provide a highly efficient alternative to multiple chillers or freezers in a retail outlet, as just one refrigeration system is required to operate the room, rather than one for every single door. This can also cut down on noise within the customer service area.

The flexibility of the new glass door’s design means they can be installed onto both new and existing cool and freezer rooms.  For new installations, the doors can be manufactured to suit the customer’s cool room design. The door size, the number of doors and left or right hand hinging can all be customised to suit. The ability to retrofit into existing installations is a real positive according to SKOPE Project Manager, Julian Johnson.

“Often, cool rooms have been built by builders with no expertise in refrigeration, so the customer ends up with a well-built room, but with doors and shelving that lack the design features to ensure optimal refrigeration performance, energy savings and merchandising opportunities.

“Retrofitting with SKOPE doors and shelves give customers all of these features, plus they can still keep their cool room and get the added benefit of a service team that can take care of the entire set up”.

skope glass door inserts

Benefits of SKOPE Glass Door Inserts

Market research carried out by Julian and the SKOPE team provided valuable insights into some of the issues associated with existing glass door options, which the team were able to address in the design phase of the project:

  • problems with lights protruding inside the cabinets which are subject to knocks and breakage
  • difficulty with removing and replacing doors when seals and hinges need replacing
  • conventional lighting that points at the side of products on display instead of highlighting the front of bottles and containers.

We set about overcoming these issues with clever design solutions to ensure the new range offered genuine value, coupled with high performance cooling and energy efficiency.

All facets of the design were rigorously tested during the development process using our in-house test facility accredited to international test standards, enabling SKOPE to confidently stand behind the new product range, from a reliability and longevity perspective.

Standard Sizing and Colours

The new inserts are made in two standard sizes – 700mm or 750mm wide x 1800mm high with a maximum of seven doors.

They can be ordered left or right hanging (in any combination), and in either silver or black anodised aluminium.

More customised options are also available on request (size, colours and other features).

Features include:

  • optional left or right hand door opening
  • high energy efficiency
  • robust integral LED lighting
  • quick and easy to install
  • reveal or rebate flashing available
  • easy removal and replacement of seals and other parts for maintenance
  • adjustable and elegant shelving (from the ActiveCore range)
  • individual shelf load capacity of 120kg
  • SKOPE patented shelf clip and numbered shelf strip design
  • corrosion resistant

glass door insert detail

For more information about SKOPE Glass Door Inserts, please contact your nearest SKOPE retailer, or contact us for advice. SKOPE Customer Services AUS: 1800 121 535 NZ: 0800 947 5673.

Why MISA Cool and Freezer Rooms are the Smart Food Storage Solution

Keeping produce cool and in perfect condition is absolutely essential in the hospitality industry, so ensuring that you are using the best technology to preserve not only your food, but also the environment is key to choosing a cool or freezer room solution.

8 Reasons MISA is the Smart Solution for Food Storage

  1. Energy Savings – Patented technology-MSV (MISA Vacuum System) provides excellent insulation properties to reduce power costs
  2. Reduced Insurance Costs – You could benefit from reduced insurance premiums due to the Fire Retardant properties of the polyurethane panels
  3. Food Safety – A HACCP Certified product; incorporating MISA Food Defense – an innovative permanent active anti-bacterial system within the panel coating
  4. Long-life Asset – As a flexible solution it can be easily updated, moved or relocated if circumstances change, maximizing the life of the room
  5. Quality Finish – Non-toxic tough plastic surface is significantly stronger and more durable than pre-painted resulting in a long life, scratch and rust resistant finish
  6. Quick & Convenient – Built in a matter of hours with quick on-site assembly, no messy panel cutting and limited expertise needed using MISA patented Fast-Fit System
  7. Fully Compliant – MISA cool and freezer rooms are an ISO 9001 Certified Quality System and also comply with the Australian and New Zealand building code, the Australian Food Safety Standard 3.2.3 (food premises and equipment) and the Australian Standard AS 4674-2004 (design, construction and fitout of food premises)
  8. Combo Rooms – talk to us about SKOPE Made to Order

Chilled product – for export or for domestic use, gathers a premium over frozen, and has a longer storage life than fresh, and nobody knows that better than the team at Chill, one of Australia’s leading refrigerated logistics companies.

They recently went through the process of choosing a provider for their cold storage and chose to install MISA cool rooms, distributed exclusively in Australia through SKOPE.

Chill installed three large industrial cold storage rooms (two cool rooms and one freezer) in their Sydney storage facility giving the company a combined storage space of 2,500 m³.

Having the new cool rooms on site meant that Chill could move away from depending on outside companies for their bulk storage, and have all their storage facilities within their new Sydney warehouse.

The company is planning to install further MISA solutions in their facilities as they expand services around Australia, including locations in Queensland and Western Australia.

So why did Chill choose MISA?

1. MISA panels use high density MVS Polyurethane patented technology panel system rather than polystyrene

Chill’s research lead them to an understanding that polyurethane was far better for the environment and from a technology perspective than the more traditional polystyrene alternative.

Facts about polyurethane:

  • It provides far greater insulation properties and excellent energy efficiency with no possibility of moisture penetration
  • Food vapours cannot bond to polyurethane like they can to polystyrene making it more suitable for storage of perishable foods
  • MISA PUR’s self-extinguishing foam restricts fire versus polystyrene which is highly flammable due to its ability to absorb 40% more moisture such as fat, oil and water from a kitchen’s environment
  • Polyurethanes are HFC & CFC free and play a crucial role in preserving the natural resources of our planet
High density MVS patented polyurethane panel system

High density MVS patented polyurethane panel system

2. MISA provides modular solutions for food storage management

Chill needed a modular solution that fitted into new and existing warehouse facilities.

  • Rooms can be easily assembled and dissembled  providing significant installation savings
  • MISA is modular rather than kitset making them suitable for almost any location
  • MISA is ideal for tight spaces as it can be constructed within the room space
  • MISA cool rooms are available in nine standard footprints and four standard footprints for the freezer models
  • A built in coving system allows for full internal coving to exceed commercial food preparation and storage requirements and make for easy cleaning. U Channel systems, fully coved for cold rooms without a floor are also available
  • Illuminated exit/person sign and internal safety release door handle system as well as audible bell are fitted to meet Australian safety standards

MISA Cool Rooms – Nine Standard Sizes

MISA Freezer Rooms – Four Standard Sizes

4. MISA panels have a hardwearing, durable finish

Chill wanted to invest in high quality products that would stand the test of time

  • MISA’s durable plastic powder coat finish extends the lifetime of the panels and ensures they meet food hygiene standards
  • The finish is scratch resistant with HACCP, CE and food hygiene certification
  • MISA insulated floor systems are made from reinforced galvanised steel with an anti-slip coating that’s capable of handling a 4000kg/m³ static load and 250 kg roll in trolley weight

5. More energy efficient even in extreme temperatures

Chill’s staff love working out of the new rooms, especially when the temperature outdoors has reached 45degrees Celsius

  • MISA’s 60mm polyurethane panels for cool rooms and 100mm panels for freezer rooms are up to 50% more efficient when operating in 43°C and 75% RH ambient temperatures compared to 75mm and 80mm EPS panel systems
  • MISA cool and freezer rooms can be fitted with Tropical 43 degree C ambient rated integral MISA Freeblock condensing units to help maintain consistent temperatures more efficiently
  • MISA cool and freezer rooms have lived up to expectations, with temperatures remaining stable at all times

For more about Chill’s experience with MISA, you can read and download the case study.

For more information about MISA download the brochure.