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Why is preventative maintenance important?

We design SKOPE cabinets to provide many years of uninterrupted performance. However, even a SKOPE product can be subject to the rigours of time and lack of care.

Just like everything you purchase and own, it is important to keep up with cleaning and maintenance to avoid disappointment, for example, if you were to purchase a brand new car and did not service this on a regular basis, the car would end up failing on you.

We know refrigeration plays an integral part of your business performance, and any down time can be detrimental to your establishment, which is why the correct setup, positioning, cleaning, maintenance of your chiller and freezer cabinets is essential to you getting the most from your refrigeration cabinets whilst minimising your power consumption. Lack of care will only lead to disappointment and complications with your warranty cover.

This post focuses on how to inspect and clean your cabinet. If your cabinet is not correctly cleaned dust can build up around the condenser causing the cabinet to work harder to keep the temperature down. Eventually the cabinet will be overworked and unable to provide the suitable temperature for your products.

Alarm description on cabinet controller

Images show the different alarm codes that may start flashing on your controller; this means the condenser of your cabinet is overworking and requires cleaning

For the best results and to minimise power consumption, SKOPE recommends that the condenser of the cabinet is cleaned every month.


  1. Inspect the cabinet regularly and clean it at least once a week or as required.
  2. Empty the product from the cabinet.
  3. Disconnect the cabinet from the power supply (switch off and unplug).
  4. Check the condenser monthly and clean if necessary. The condenser is the finned radiator that is external to the insulated evaporator box.
    – If the air path through the condenser fins has any visual restriction, use a vacuum cleaner or brush to clear the condenser. SKOPE recommends that the condenser is checked and cleaned by an authorised SKOPE refrigeration mechanic.
  5. Wipe the interior and exterior of the cabinet with soapy water.
  6. Wash away soap residue.
  7. Wax the exterior with automobile polish for extra protection.
  8. Do not use abrasive cleaners.
  9. Check and clean the door seal gaskets. These may be wiped down with a damp cloth. Ill-fitting door seal gaskets will reduce a cabinet’s efficiency and increase power consumption. If the door seal gaskets are not sealing, call SKOPE to arrange a replacement.
  10. Reconnect to the power supply and switch on.

For more information on the cleaning required, please see the service manual specific to each product.

Or if video is your thing, check out our How-to-Service videos.

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