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SKOPE partners with leading ice maker ITV

SKOPE has announced a new partnership with Spanish ice maker manufacturer ITV, making it the sole Australasian distributor of the internationally renowned ice making brand.

OVER THE last 30 years, ITV has carved out a reputation in producing and supplying ice makers to hotels, bars and restaurants in over 140 countries around the world. Committed to its craft, ITV produces Ice Makers that offer superior energy savings, reliability and easy maintenance.

During the production of ice cubes, ITV uses a shower system that forms individual ice cubes that are consistent, crystal clear and suitable for commercial and industrial use. One of ITV’s successes is its development and patented “flexible nozzle spray system”, which is designed to prevent limescale build-up while improving the production of ice cubes.

ITV Ice Makers to suit

ITV Ice Maker models are built to withstand demanding working environments and are suitable for use in large daily productions, like quick service restaurants, supermarkets, food production and more. With both self-contained and modular Ice Makers there is something to suit every space and every requirement.

The SPIKA range of modular machines are popular in restaurants and hotels with large
ice consumption. SPIKA ice cubes are hard and long-lasting so they’re ideal for cooling drinks quickly. The SPIKA range produces two sizes – a full and a half-cube. In a smaller space the ALFA NG self-contained models with built-in storage bins are perfect. Designed to fit under a standard commercial benchtop, ALFA NG takes up less floor and wall space than most Ice Makers. ALFA ice cubes cool faster without watering drinks down, so are perfect for cocktails. ALFA NG offers quality without compromising on quantity.

If you’re looking for ice that enhances your coveted top-shelf you can’t go past the GALA modular range.

If you’re looking for ice that enhances your coveted top-shelf you can’t go past the GALA modular range. GALA ice is appreciated for its elegant look and high performance, making it undisputedly the best ice for your top shelf. GALA is also the best choice for whisky as it doesn’t alter the flavour, something customers will appreciate.

SKOPE ITV Ice Makers offer superior energy efficient solutions that respond to the needs of the demanding foodservice, accommodation and hospitality industries. ITV produce over 30,000 units per year which will give you confidence that you’re investing in quality technology that will enhance your business and provide your customers with a great experience.

SKOPE to Showcase ActiveCore on the World Stage

SKOPE ActiveCore™ taking on the world

SKOPE will attend the world’s leading trade show for the Hospitality Industry, HostMilano, for the first time in October. The progressively international nature of HostMilano see SKOPE exhibiting alongside 2,010 of the world’s biggest suppliers from 47 different countries.

HostMilano is an opportunity for SKOPE to showcase our market leading technology, the revolutionary ActiveCore, to a global audience.

“We’re taking what we believe is the lowest energy, general purpose mechandisers of their size available in the world, to the world”
– Guy Stewart, Managing Director

ActiveCore – market leading energy savings and future-proofed technology

SKOPE’s ActiveCore range of glass door display fridges are designed to be future-proofed. It is the best choice to manage impending refrigerant changes because the cartridge can be easily swapped out to a different refrigerant and any service work can be done offsite, thereby minimising workplace safety risks.

By delivering market leading energy savings, optimal cooling performance, greater serviceability and a future-proofed system, our sophisticated ActiveCore technology will be meeting our customers’ needs for years to come.

In New Zealand and Australia ActiveCore now comes with all the added options too – additional shelves, shelf lighting, solid doors, tropical doors for warmer climates, the full range of colours, a remote refrigeration unit option and more. Learn more here

ActiveCore is currently available in top and bottom mount upright fridges and development is already underway to extend this technology into other ranges.

HostMilano – the premier event for the HORECA industry

HostMilano is a favourite destination for the top players in the hospitality industry. SKOPE representatives from our Design, Sales and Production teams will get a preview of all the latest innovations in technology and market trends.

“We can’t wait to share the latest trends in hospitality and innovation with our customers to help them continue to grow their businesses”
– Keri Thomas, GM Sales & Marketing
HostMilano Quick Facts
  • World’s leading trade show for the hospitality industry
  • Held in Milan every 2 years
  • This year’s show runs from Friday 20th – Tuesday 24th October, 2017
  • 2017 marks the 40th anniversary of the show
  • Showcases Equipment, Furniture, Coffee and Food from leading global suppliers
  • 2,010 companies confirmed from 47 different countries
  • 40% of companies attending this year are from outside Italy
  • Germany, Spain, France, USA, UK are the top 10 foreign nations in attendance
  • 151,000 professionals from 172 countries expected to visit the show
  • Over 1,500 buyers from Europe, the Mediterranean, South Africa, the Middle East, North America, Central and Southern America, Russia, Asia and Oceania are attending this year’s show
  • 8 countries, including New Zealand, are making their debut with their own stand this year – Belarus, Egypt, Lichtenstein, Serbia, South Africa, Sri Lanka and the Ukraine
  • Hundreds of events including workshops, training, round table discussions, and demonstrations
Visit SKOPE at HostMilano

Friday 20 October – Tuesday 24 October, 2017
9.30am – 6.30pm
Pavilion 2, Stand T06
Fiera Milano
Rho. Strada Statale del Sempione, 28 20017 Rho, Milan.


Visit SKOPE’s Partner Brands
IRINOX – Pavilion 5, Stand D17 E20
ITV – Pavilion 24, K68 L63
MISA – Pavilion 2, Stand N21

Australia – A Climate that Spans the Globe

Australia has to have one of the most variable climates in the world – deserts, rainforests, surf beaches and even snow-clad mountains.

The diversity of the Australian climate is starkly reinforced below, showing how our single landmass encompasses the climates of tropical monsoonal India, Saharan Africa, South Africa’s veldt and the Baja California.

The diversity of the Australian climate

The challenge for product designers

The Australian climate presents a unique challenge for engineers and product designers, for any product they make for this market should work in all of these environments. For a company that manufacturers commercial refrigeration like SKOPE this creates a huge challenge.

After all, we must ensure our products meet legal food safety standards to keep food and dairy products below 5oC at all times, regardless of the climate. Whilst our beverage-selling customers demand their drinks are served at a consistently cold temperature of about 2oC; because this is what their customers expect.

On top of this, we need to build reliable, serviceable products that will keep working and keep performing, regardless of whether they are in an air-conditioned supermarket or an open-shopfront in Darwin.

SKOPE steps up to the challenge

Ultimately, the only way to ensure our products continue to perform in varied environmental conditions is a constant cyclical process of test, monitor, improve. It starts with a dedicated in-house product development team that makes up 12% of our workforce. The team makes use of sophisticated test rooms that enable us to adjust a whole range of variants such as temperature and humidity.

Our products must perform in working environments with heavy loads of food and drinks while the doors are constantly opening and closing. We recreate these conditions with blocks of synthetic gel (which are like expensive blocks of jelly) to replicate food, or fluid-filled cans whilst robots open and close doors repetitively.

SKOPE’s state of the art environmental test chamber

For a product to be released into the market it must not only work in the multi-environment cold-room, it must work in the real world. To do this we place fridges all over Australia. We wire them with smart, remote monitoring devices and watch how they perform.

All of this takes time, expertise and of course significant resources. However, in the end it provides certainty.

Buying a quality engineered, fully tested product like SKOPE, is a bit like buying insurance; when you are not covered, and things go wrong – you wish you hadn’t compromised.

From 11 – 14 September 2017 SKOPE will be exhibiting at Fine Food Australia at the new International Convention Centre in Sydney; whilst on 20-24 October 2017 we will be exhibiting at Host Milano at Fiera Milano, Italy. We’d love to see you there.

3 Reasons to Visit SKOPE at Fine Food Australia

Fine Food Australia
11-14 September 2017
International Convention Centre Sydney, Darling Harbour
Find SKOPE at stand HD20

Register here before Friday 8 September 2017 for free entry to Fine Food Australia.

1. Maximise sales


SKOPE BB380X at Chu the Phat, Brisbane

SKOPE are experts at combining form with function. Our range of ActiveCore upright display fridges, BackBar X bar display fridges and VF X series of premium upright freezers share some special features designed to maximise sales.  Attractive modern frameless glass doors, premium energy efficient glass, bright internal lighting and whisper quiet operation will perfectly complement the aesthetics and ambience of any space.


2. Stand out from the crowd

If you want something unique come and check out what SKOPE’s in house design team can do. Our design team, the largest in Australasia, are experts in creating unique solutions for specific requirements. Doors, handles, size, shape, colour, lighting, and finish can all be customised. From curves, wood panelling through to wall mounted, if you can imagine it, we can customise it for you. Visit our stand to see what only SKOPE can do.


Wall mounted SKOPE BB380 at Stop Valve, Melbourne


3. Industry expertise

Brady Wiseman, SKOPE National Project Manager

SKOPE products enable chefs and others in the hospitality and retail sectors to shape the future of the food and beverage industry. As many of our sales team are former chefs themselves, our expertise in this highly specialised area sets us apart.


The SKOPE stand is HD20 in the Catering Equipment section, for more information on Fine Food click here. Register online before 8th September 2017 for free entry. Click here to register.





The art and science of preparing food

Creating an outstanding dining experience for customers is both an art and a science. The art comes from chefs and business owners who are passionate about food, flavour and have flair for creating an outstanding customer experience.  The science from the importance of getting aspects like food quality and safety right, particularly in regards to food temperature.

Food safety is almost the antithesis of what makes a great hospitality venue. The foundation of safe food is all about attention to detail, process and consistency. From handling to storing of fresh, raw and cooked food. Having a proven and well understood approach across your business, from initial purchase of ingredients through to correct food storage is critical to minimising food safety risks.

Avoiding the ‘danger zone’ – temperature is key to keeping your food safe

Key to the science of food preparation and storage is avoiding the so-called ‘danger zone’, where food at temperatures between 5°C and 60°C. At these temperatures bacteria is more likely to grow faster and the risk of food poisoning increases.  This can be a real challenge in a hot, busy environment like a commercial kitchen.  Bacteria can double in number in as little as 20 minutes between 5°C and 60°. In a commercial fridge, bacteria is prevented from growing if a tight temperature control of between 0 and 4°C is maintained inside the fridge.

Safe temperatures are 5°C or colder, or 60°C or hotter. Potentially hazardous food needs to be kept at these temperatures to prevent food-poisoning bacteria, which may be present in the food, from multiplying to dangerous levels. These bacteria can grow at temperatures between 5°C and 60°C, which is known as the temperature danger zone.

The challenge

Places like kitchens and sculleries are often subject to high ambient temperatures. With all the activity and appliances running, the ‘room’ temperature can run in excess of 45°C. This poses a number of challenges in regards to refrigeration.

Each type of fridge or freezer will have an optimum temperature that it is set to and will stay at while the door is closed and operating. However, once the door is opened, warm kitchen air rushes in replacing the lost cold air and bringing in moisture. This moisture can contain bacteria, which then condenses as it cools, falling like raindrops onto the food. As the cold air drops out the opened door, hot air flows in and the compressor and fans inside the fridge will stop to prevent further air from leaving, but the temperature inside the fridge still increases.

All fridges are not equal when it comes to food safety

When the temperature is fluctuating frequently (for example when the door is opened and closed frequently) and the fridge is working hard to maintain its optimum level,  the quality and potentially the safety of your food is at risk. By getting a handle on this and maintaining a more consistent temperature level in your fridge, you are guaranteeing a higher quality level of food and reducing the risk associated with poorly stored food.

One way to do this is to restrict the amount of times that a door is opened and closed. This reduces the time the food is exposed to warm air outside the fridge but is not a viable solution during busy service hours.

Another way to look at the problem is to consider the accuracy of the temperature being recorded from inside the fridge – you will often see an increase in temperature when the door is opened.   This is due to the cold air spilling out from the fridge and the temperature internally rising.

SKOPE has become aware over recent years of cheaper imported products entering the market that appear not to display a temperature increase on the controller. This may be down to the placement of the temperature probes inside the fridge and where the temperature is being logged.  If the sensor or probe is placed where the cold air is spilling out (rather than where the returned air is circulating inside the fridge), you will see a decrease on the temperature display when the door is opened.

However, this is not only impossible, it is misleading and dangerous. Customers can easily
be fooled into believing their fridge is working as the temperature reading on the controller is moving up and down, but not necessarily understand what this means for food safety and safe product temperatures.

How cool is SKOPE?

SKOPE’s test objective is to guarantee average temperature readings inside the fridge within 0.5 accuracy. Our state-of-the art environmental test chamber has significantly increased testing capacity at SKOPE and is continually improving accuracy in temperature control for food safety.

SKOPE sets high standards to ensure customer expectations are exceeded. We design products that are made to last, with a focus on tight temperature control and rapid pull down of temperature, in the harshest of climates. This is proven in our latest ActiveCore technology.  Below, is a graph taken from the MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standards) report, showing that an ActiveCore 2 door bottom mounted fridge not only has incredible temperature consistency inside the fridge but consistently holds temperature at below 5°C. The report measures the thermal properties of up to 476 MEPS packs (M packs) using dataloggers and probes to record the core temperature of each of pack throughout the cabinet.  The M packs represent the same properties of perishable product, and comply with the ISO Standards for Performance Tests on Household and Commercial Appliances.

The test data shows internal temperature over a 24 hour period, at Climate Class 3 (Minimum Energy Performance Standards) in testing conditions of 25°C – 60% Relative Humidity. The graph lines show that the product remains between -1°C and +5°C for the duration of the test with minimal fluctuations and minimal energy consumption.

SKOPE’s testrooms and equipment is calibrated by Air New Zealand Engineering every 12 months. This includes dataloggers, room controllers and humidifiers.Test packs are measured & weighed on regular a basis to ensure they conform to the 5% mass limits and size tolerances.

How airflow helps achieve consistent temperatures

Air is the most commonly used heat transfer in refrigeration systems. We typically remove heat from a refrigerated space by circulating cooled air throughout the fridge. A good airflow pattern is critical to an even and consistent spread of chilled air onto a product.  In SKOPE fridges, chilled air is pushed directly onto the product. It is a commercial refrigerator’s job to keep the product inside in optimal conditions for as long as possible, to ensure food safety.  Many “market- standard” fridges fall well short  of this objective. 

A poor airflow pattern will result in fluctuations in a product’s core temperature affecting its flavour, quality and nutritional integrity.   For food to remain safe, the internal temperature must not go higher than 5°ᶜ. Many inferior fridges can’t maintain these tight temperatures during busy periods and seasonally warmer temperatures, even though the temperature display may say otherwise. A good airflow pattern will keep tight cabinet temperatures, regardless of the frequency of outside fluctuations.

The selection of a fridge depends on several factors such as the type of food being stored, the volume of meals being prepared daily, and the frequency of the food being delivered to patrons (i.e. how many services being managed). Before selecting refrigeration equipment, check out our Guide to Commercial Refrigeration or talk to your local SKOPE representative, who can give you helpful advice.

Selecting the wrong type of fridge can make it hard to avoid that danger zone which significantly increases your risk of unsafe food.

What are your best options for different types of refrigeration to promote safe food?

  • Beverage Fridges: intended solely for the storage and display of packaged beverage products such as carbonated beverages, beer and wine. They are not designed to store potentially hazardous foods, and are often the culprit in food safety incidents.
  • Display Fridges: designed to display foods to the consumer for purchase in areas where environmental conditions are controlled and maintained. This type of fridge is designed to maintain a consistent, safe temperatures – not for cooling down.
  • Rapid Pull-Down Fridges: also known as Blast Chillers, these are specifically designed for rapid chilling of food products. When used correctly these are ideal for the rapid cooling of hot foods.
  • Food Preparation Fridges: designed with a refrigerated open top or open condiment rail. They include refrigerated sandwich units and pizza preparation for example. The fridges are designed to maintain foods at a safely cool temperature.
  • Storage Fridges: cold storage for non-frozen foods between periods of preparation, service, display or sale. Could be referred to as “day” fridges because they are not intended for long-term storage of foods.
  • Walk-in Fridges: enclosed, mechanically refrigerated and temperature controlled room with integrated walls, floor and ceiling used to maintain prescribed cold food at consistent temperatures. Probably the most widely used in food service.

SKOPE have 50 years’ experience keeping your drinks cold and food safe and are market leaders in energy efficient products. You can depend on us for the best in refrigeration and our unique ActiveCoreTM technology can help lower your operating costs. We offer the ability to customise the solutions to suit your requirements and you can rest easy with our superior warranty protection.

To understand more about the science of keeping food safe in your kitchen? We’ve prepared an eBook called “Why bad food is not cool; a practical guide to NOT destroying your kitchen’s reputation. Download it now to read about ways to protect your reputation.

Commercial refrigeration requirements? We can help!

This blog is a handy overview of our product categories to help you find the commercial refrigeration solution that’s right for your establishment. Download Your Guide to Commercial Refrigeration for more detailed information about our products and product categories.

Food Preparation

Commercial kitchens share one thing in common: no matter how big they are and how many people they have to accommodate – every appliance and every surface needs to work hard – just as hard as your team.

Providing streamlined, highly efficient and multi-purpose refrigeration that makes working life easier is what SKOPE is all about.

You know you can rely on every SKOPE product to perform to the standard you expect – and beyond, so investing in a SKOPE equipped kitchen is a great way to get your business off to a great start.

Our range features fridges to suit any kitchen environment. From stainless steel surfaces that double as benches for prep work; underbench fridge or freezer storage so everything you need is right at hand, to multi-purpose Gastronorm fridges compatible with your ovens and service areas.

Food Storage

Got a super small or super large kitchen? No matter what the space you are working with, our premium range of food storage underbench fridges can be customised to fit.

Options include more or fewer doors, drawers, remote control and more. You can also choose Gastronom or non-Gastronorm fridges and freezers to better streamline your kitchen workflow.

You can be confident that no matter how hot it is outside or in your kitchen, your SKOPE fridges and freezers can handle it. All SKOPE products are designed to keep food fresh and at consistent temperatures to avoid waste due to spoilage, even when you’re busy and the doors are being opened frequently.

Food Display

We all know that presentation makes perfect. Your refrigeration should showcase the creations you’ve taken the utmost care to produce and drive high margin impulse sales. Our food display range, designed with your customer in mind, combines style with function. This unrivaled range not only looks great, it maintains a consistent temperature to ensure food freshness and quality.

With options including glass frontage, glass doors or no doors, mix and match these highly efficient models to create the perfect display for you.

Bar Display

Make a statement in your bar with our stylish Backbar fridges, perfect for keeping your best sellers chilled. From a modern frameless glass door design, whisper quiet operation, high efficiency power savings, and clever internal airflow to keep product icy cold, our Backbar fridges provide an outstanding beverage retailing solution. Perfect for front of house, these fridges will enhance the presentation of your beverages in any environment.

When you get busy SKOPE steps in to help you get the drinks out faster. Our fridges feature rapid cooling technology which chills beverages to 5° (or colder) quickly and efficiently so you can nail happy hour.

General Display

The multi-purpose premium range features the latest ActiveCore™ technology for maximum performance and market-leading energy efficiency. Our ActiveCore range of glass door fridges are the most energy efficient in the Southern Hemisphere, over 50% more efficient than our previous glass door range, and up to 65% more efficient than others in the market. Energy efficient refrigeration saves big dollars on your power bill – up to $1,000 per year by replacing just one fridge with a modern, energy efficient equivalent.

Tight temperature control across all fridges ensures food and drink are safely stored and attractively presented in any environment, even in really hot environments. Our SKT and SKB models provide plenty of flexible options, and feature our new modern frameless glass door design to showcase your products in the way they deserve.

Blast Chillers

When it comes to blast chilling, every chef has their own precise needs. Our world-leading Irinox brand gives you perfection at your fingertips, with fully flexible delicate or strong chilling and freezing options.

The advanced features of this range include; personalised cycles for the ultimate in efficiency, low temperature cooking functions and a touchscreen interface.

Irinox allows you to chill and freeze meals hours or days before serving using advanced chilling technology. Capable of preserving food hygienically and quickly,
Irinox Blast Chillers, Shock Freezers and holding cabinets minimise bacteria growth and preseve food quality. This range includes models with the capacity to preserve sizeable cooked foods in a commercial environment, an invaluable asset for times of high demand.

Cool Rooms

MISA walk in cool and freezer rooms are an efficient way to provide refrigerated storage for multiple chilled or frozen products within a single space. The polyurethane panels provide maximum insulation and food safety peace of mind with MISA’s innovative antibacterial system.

The patented fast-fit twin hook CAMLOCK systems makes these rooms easy to assemble anywhere within your business.


Want to make something larger, smaller, deeper, higher, a different colour or finish? We can create a refrigeration solution unique to your business. If you can imagine it, we’d love to hear from you.


Avoid damage when receiving freight

Transport damage is incredibly frustrating for all involved and the difficulty is that it can happen at any point along the supply chain. To ensure that our clients are not penalised, SKOPE has best practice guidelines which are followed every time inwards goods are received.

For starters, SKOPE does not use common carriers to move its cabinets within Australia; we only use private carriers who are experienced in handling fragile freight.

However, Australia has no legislation that details the responsibilities (and more importantly, the liabilities!) of private road carriers. To counter this, SKOPE has negotiated an insurance package with its carriers to cover any damages to cabinets whilst they are being transported within Australia.


There is a condition, though. For the insurance to be applicable, all claims must be received within 48 hours of product delivery and the product must not have been moved elsewhere by another carrier.

Here are SKOPE’S general guidelines for receiving freight:

  • Examine the freight immediately upon arrival.
  • Note any exceptions/damage on the delivery docket. Sign and date the docket and have the driver do likewise.
  • If damage is noted, take photos immediately both prior to un-packaging and after un-packaging.
  • Do not dispose of packaging materials.
  • Immediately contact SKOPE.
  • Conduct your own inspection.
  • Note everything for your records.
  • All damage needs to be notified to SKOPE within 48 hours of receipt (including concealed damage).
  • Take photos before, during, and after unloading and/or unpacking freight.

If you have any queries on how freight is handled by SKOPE and/or its carriers contact us at customer service team

SKOPE the “Rolls Royce of Refrigeration”

SKOPE is helping keep Christchurch’s hottest new places to eat and drink, perfectly cold.

Renowned Chef Philip Kraal has set up three new establishments overlooking the banks of the Avon River: a restaurant, a pizza-café and a bar.

While each venue presented a unique challenge in refrigeration, Kraal describes SKOPE’s work as “the Rolls Royce” of refrigeration as far as a restauranteur is concerned.

“It looks great, it performs great, and the service is fantastic as well. We are looking at other operations and we know we’ll never go with anything else because it’s just too easy for us”.bamboozle

Kraal’s new establishments are quickly becoming three of the most popular places to eat and drink in the city.  Bamboozle restaurant offers a funky Asian-Fusion dining experience, while the Whet Drinking Room is the perfect place to consume craft beer, gin and whiskey in style. For a more relaxed meal,  pizza-café Johnny Sausage (named after the Infamous American mobster) is a relaxed New York inspired venue to enjoy bagels, coffee, beer, wine and, obviously, pizza.

The most unique innovation from SKOPE was in the Whet Drinking Room where our engineers designed and installed a custom made ‘snow rail’, for customers to rest their drinks and keep them icy cold, and a ‘ice cave’ which keeps a wide variety of gin blends perfectly chilled.

Ice rail

“SKOPE started testing and after about three months of testing different ways of doing it, we ended up with a product and it works absolutely fantastically,” Kraal says. “It’s very unique – we’re the only place in Christchurch that has them”.

Installed in the restaurants are SKOPE under-counter chillers, display cabinets, and Pegasus pizza preparation units. In the bars, as well as Backbars for merchandising.

3 MISA Cool Rooms were custom fitted into a challenging triangular space in the building’s basement carpark. One unit is required to house up to 50 kegs, the other for fruit and vegetable refrigeration, and a freezer with a sliding door for space efficiency.

“What that allowed us was to fit everything in but allowed space around the  triangular shape to fit dry goods in so it’s worked out perfectly for us,” Kraal says. “But the most important thing is that it was installed from start to finish in a day and a half. Fantastic”.

Find out more by watching SKOPE’s video on Bamboozle, the Whet Drinking Room and Johnny Sausage.

SKOPE’s resource efficiency developments catch judges eyes

SKOPE Industries Ltd has been named a finalist in the Project & Product: Resource Efficient Design category of the New Zealand Engineering Excellence Awards.

SKOPE have developed a new cooler that uses CO2 as the refrigerant, eliminating the need for the high global warming R134a refrigerant (HFC = Hydrofluorocarbon). It is this product that has been selected as a finalist in the awards.

Through considerable investment in Research and Development, SKOPE has designed the B600F-3 CO2 refrigeration system to be very cost effective, whilst maintaining its high refrigeration capacity to ensure the rapid chilling of product. Most importantly, the B600F-3 uses less energy than its R134a predecessor (which was Very High Efficiency in its own right).

Dominic Blissett, SKOPE’s Refrigeration Design Engineer

Dominic Blissett, SKOPE’s Refrigeration Design Engineer

As there are tens of thousands of beverage coolers in Australasia that could utilise CO2 as a refrigerant, the potential for reduction in power consumption, combined with reduction in environmental impact, is large.

Dominic Blissett, SKOPE’s Refrigeration Design Engineers, says SKOPE was awarded a Research & Development Grant by the Callaghan Innovation, Science and Innovation Grants this year. “It is through considerable investment in Research & Development that we have been able to design this product,” says Blissett.

SKOPE’s new environmental test chamber significantly increases testing capacity, ensuring faster project turnaround times and improved accuracy. Blissett explains that almost any environment can be simulated within the chamber, ensuring the cabinet’s performance in the harshest of climates.

“The new environmental test chamber was key to the success of this project, as we tested the refrigeration system in varied conditions, loads and ambient conditions using a ‘Dynamic Heat Loading Simulator’. We can replicate any condition then push it further if it’s not enough to meet the SKOPE standard,” says Blissett.

SKOPE sets its standards high to ensure client expectations are exceeded. “We design products that are made to last, with a focus on durability and extended product life. SKOPE is recognised on the global stage for our work in energy efficiency and natural refrigerant systems.”

Nineteen projects are finalists in the premier engineering awards, New Zealand Engineering Excellence Awards 2014.

Winners in the People, Projects and Products, and Practice categories, along with the Supreme Award, will be announced on November 28th at the Pullman Hotel in Auckland.

A list of the NZEE finalist’s is available here or by visiting

SKOPE wins award at CCA Supplier of the year awards

When it comes to helping Coca Cola Amatil (CCA) get more value out of the products and services it purchases, no-one knows how to rise to the challenge and exceed expectations better than Christchurch-based SKOPE Industries (SKOPE).

For the fourth year running, SKOPE has won the Trade Equipment category at CCA’s Supplier awards, with fierce competition from more than 100 strategic suppliers over an 18 month period leading up to the awards ceremony held in Sydney’s Town Hall.

Nigel Chapman, SKOPE’s Design Manager, says the company has been working hard for CCA to develop CO2 solutions for its commercial refrigeration, pointing to SKOPE’s success in this area being a key factor behind the award.

“This is an outstanding achievement and highlight’s SKOPE’s commitment and ability to develop and deliver innovative solutions to our customers year on year.  While there are many different aspects of the joint business plan that we get measured against with CCA, our achievements with CO2 developments to date are outstanding and have been acknowledged not only by CCA but at a very high level within The Coca Cola Company globally,” says Mr Chapman.

SKOPE continues to support CCA’s move to CO2 refrigerants, reducing MEPS energy consumption of existing models through a CO2 Global cassette. Together, the two companies are working to reduce CCA’s total cost of ownership, with cost down and reliability improvement initiatives.

SKOPE Managing Director Guy Stewart says that despite it being a challenging year for CCA Australia and SKOPE, the company is proud to be recognised as Equipment Supplier for the fourth year running.

“There has been no other supplier to win three years consecutively and overall Supplier of the Year in New Zealand and Australia, so in my opinion this makes us unique in the CCA system. I’m proud of SKOPE, and our design and production teams for all their help with turning CCA’s requests into a reality and to all those who help directly or indirectly with our successful relationship with CCA,” says Mr Stewart.

SKOPE has the largest design and innovation centre of its kind in Australasia.  As well as offering a comprehensive range of ‘off the shelf’ products, SKOPE also leads the way in the custom design and build of commercial refrigeration solutions, whether they are complete product designs for global companies, such as CCA, or one-off adaptations of existing products for smaller hospitality businesses.