Christchurch Restaurant and Cafe Scene Thriving

Just three years ago, Christchurch city had more bars, cafes and restaurants than the city could handle. It was a widely known fact that almost every restaurant was on the market for the right price, and of course we were still managing a world wide recession.

In the third week of February 2011, everything changed. Following the earthquake, the city’s CBD was closed off for an unpredictable amount of time, hospitality workers left town and business either closed or relocated to the suburbs.

Fast forward to early 2014 and once again, the environment has changed dramatically.

New restaurants, bars and cafes seem to be opening every week and locals need to make a reservation to ensure a table. The city is full of construction workers, engineers and others who are here to be part of the Christchurch rebuild process.

According to Statistics New Zealand data, aside from seasonal affects, Christchurch’s retail and hospitality sales rose 16% between June 2010 (before the quakes began) and June 2013, compared to a national rise of 12%.

At SKOPE we have been excited to work alongside business owners, chefs, architects, restaurant and interior designers and others in the industry to help rebuild the hospitality sector.

We are committed to supporting the city’s hospitality businesses and collaborating to provide the best commercial refrigeration services for their newly opened enterprises.

A selection of the bars and restaurants we have partnered with can be seen in our project portfolio.

Among many high profile Christchurch locations, we are proud to have supplied kitchen equipment to the new wine bar and kitchen at Gustav’s (located at The Tannery), headed up by exceptional chef and Kiwi personality Richart Till.

This project has been full of exciting innovations, including the William Morris wallpapers and wood panelling – combining to create the comforting effect of history and heritage in a city that has lost so much of its built heritage.

The Tannery is set to become one of the city’s most distinctive shopping, wining and dining locations, delivering a boutique shopping and eating experience with a strong Victorian design aesthetic.

C1 Espresso has been an icon of Christchurch’s High Street for many years, and managed to re-open just over the road from its old location just a year ago. Known for it’s quirky design features and eclectic furnishings, C1 is popular with a wide range of locals and visitors. The SKOPE team were happy to work with C1’s owner to ensure the equipment we provided was a good fit for the unique and extremely busy environment.

C1 hit the news recently with the cafe’s latest innovation – pneumatic food delivery tubes. In keeping with the other talking points loved by regulars, a special menu of sliders (mini-burgers) and fries are delivered through a clear plastic tube system from the kitchen directly to diners. Retro and futuristic at the same time, this is no doubt going to attract even more diners into central Christchurch.

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