Get the Best Performance from your Fridges

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Here are SKOPE’s top recommendations to keep your fridges (and cash registers) humming.

1) Schedule a cleaning session, focusing on the condenser

Also check all the door gaskets are sealed correctly. A poor sealing door gasket can lead to evaporator freeze-ups, warm product and a possible service call.

2) Don’t overstock

It can be tempting to load more product into your chiller especially during the busy season, however avoid overstocking (double stocking or placing product over air grilles) in order to maintain good internal airflow. This keeps products properly chilled and prevents the fridge’s motor from overheating and creating maintenance issues. Remember to keep plenty of stock already cooled in your back-of-house fridges and coolrooms so you can restock for immediate sale.

3) Correct cabinet placement

Ensure the areas immediately in front and to the rear of the refrigeration unit are clear of obstructions, and the rear ventilation standoffs are used where fitted. Blocking the airflow will lead to increased power consumption and in extreme cases cause the motor to overheat.

4) Book a service technician in advance

If you haven’t had your equipment serviced in the last 12 months, it’s worthwhile booking in a service tech for a preventative maintenance service to optimise performance.

5) Follow the fridge’s label recommendations

All SKOPE fridges have labels attached to help ensure the proper maintenance is carried out and to help you address any alarms. The video below highlights where you will find these instructions.

5) Call for help on AU 1800 121 535 or NZ 0800 947 5673

Should the worst happen, remember SKOPE’s service and warranty teams are on call to help and can send out a service technician or arrange for spare parts with a quick turnaround.

Before calling for service, please review our troubleshooting information in your user manual, as you may be able to correct a problem with your appliance by following the guidelines.

Contact our NZ customer service team on NZ Freephone: 0800 947 5673 or Email:

Contact the Australian customer service team on AU Freephone: 1800 121 535

SKOPE carries good stocks of popular models, so should your equipment need urgent replacement, contact us and we can direct you to a dealer in your area who can help.

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