Saggio di vino’s SKOPE Story

According to Lisa Scholz, owner of Saggio di Vino restaurant in Christchurch, every restaurant should have SKOPE fridges.

“I know other businesses who have Italian fridges and you need a repairman sitting next to them all the time,” she says.

And Scholz should know what she is talking about. With decades of experience in the hospitality sector, she installed the prototype of one of the SKOPE gastronorm models in her kitchen, and it is still going strong 20 years (and 12,000 plus earthquakes) later.

Saggio Di Vino Bar

She added a second gastronorm to her kitchen 15 years ago, and it is also still working well. Scholz makes sure they are regularly serviced, and says that when she first installed them in her kitchen, her power bills dropped by 60% – making them well worth the investment.

As a purveyor of fine wines, several years ago she spoke to the SKOPE team about having a bottler cooler with different temperature zones to cater for different wines and beers, but she solved that problem by replacing her old bottle cooler with two new SKOPE fridges in the bar.

“We have one chiller set to 3 degrees for beers, soft drinks, champagne and dessert wines, and one set to 8 degrees for white wines. It works very well , they are nice to look at and they look like one unit behind the bar.”

She has remote controls for the new fridges and says they are ideal for her business.

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