SKOPE launches new Home Page and Product Selector

SKOPE Product-Selector

We’ve redesigned our web experience with you in mind. Sleeker. Faster. More intuitive. A more immersive experience.

As well as updating our home page we’ve streamlined our product pages and created a more responsive interface with faster load times. So navigating between products is easier and finding more content that appeals to you is just a click, swipe or tap away.

The launch of a new product selector will now allow SKOPE customers to easily filter through products to find suitable options. Interactive, jargon-free and visually appealing – the product selector will offer a richer and more user friendly experience to new visitors to the site, whom are not familiar with our product range or need assistance navigating through it.

The product selector will help SKOPE customers find the right product based on their needs and preferences. It will help business owners, procurement, and decision makers within the food and beverage industry find the right product by asking a series of questions. As users answer the questions the product selection is narrowed and only products that fits the user’s needs are shown.

Designed with business owners, procurement specialists, and decision makers within the food and beverage industry in mind, the product selector asks a series of questions to determine needs and preferences and then displays products that fit the user’s needs.  Easy!

Ambitious in nature, the SKOPE product selector has also been developed to help deepen the engagement with customers and remove frustration by allowing users to find products quickly and serve up a better user experience on the SKOPE website. If we better inform our users in the digital space, we can assist with streamlining the sales process for dealers giving SKOPE and our customers a more competitive edge in the marketplace.

Natalie Taylor, SKOPE Marketing Manager said: “SKOPE will be able to better understand customer requirements. By capturing metrics and data on user journeys and purchasing behaviour from each of our customers we will be able to offer a better user experience. The product selector is a compelling tool that will help our dealers sell more of our products.”

Not to be outdone, our home page has also received a makeover, highlights include the following:

  • Use of the newest technologies including Parralax scrolling, which you may recognise from
  • Responsive design for compatibility with smart devices – so less fingers and thumbs when trying to navigate through the homepage on your smart phone or tablet.
  • Updated high-end imagery and video content
  • Navigation improvements – including new icons, dynamic blog feeds, social sharing options, new banner placements, and more calls to action.

So as you can see, we’ve been busy! We’d love you to check out the new functionality and get your feedback on what you think, please feel free to leave us a comment below.


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