SKOPE the “Rolls Royce of Refrigeration”

SKOPE is helping keep Christchurch’s hottest new places to eat and drink, perfectly cold.

Renowned Chef Philip Kraal has set up three new establishments overlooking the banks of the Avon River: a restaurant, a pizza-café and a bar.

While each venue presented a unique challenge in refrigeration, Kraal describes SKOPE’s work as “the Rolls Royce” of refrigeration as far as a restauranteur is concerned.

“It looks great, it performs great, and the service is fantastic as well. We are looking at other operations and we know we’ll never go with anything else because it’s just too easy for us”.bamboozle

Kraal’s new establishments are quickly becoming three of the most popular places to eat and drink in the city.  Bamboozle restaurant offers a funky Asian-Fusion dining experience, while the Whet Drinking Room is the perfect place to consume craft beer, gin and whiskey in style. For a more relaxed meal,  pizza-café Johnny Sausage (named after the Infamous American mobster) is a relaxed New York inspired venue to enjoy bagels, coffee, beer, wine and, obviously, pizza.

The most unique innovation from SKOPE was in the Whet Drinking Room where our engineers designed and installed a custom made ‘snow rail’, for customers to rest their drinks and keep them icy cold, and a ‘ice cave’ which keeps a wide variety of gin blends perfectly chilled.

Ice rail

“SKOPE started testing and after about three months of testing different ways of doing it, we ended up with a product and it works absolutely fantastically,” Kraal says. “It’s very unique – we’re the only place in Christchurch that has them”.

Installed in the restaurants are SKOPE under-counter chillers, display cabinets, and Pegasus pizza preparation units. In the bars, as well as Backbars for merchandising.

3 MISA Cool Rooms were custom fitted into a challenging triangular space in the building’s basement carpark. One unit is required to house up to 50 kegs, the other for fruit and vegetable refrigeration, and a freezer with a sliding door for space efficiency.

“What that allowed us was to fit everything in but allowed space around the  triangular shape to fit dry goods in so it’s worked out perfectly for us,” Kraal says. “But the most important thing is that it was installed from start to finish in a day and a half. Fantastic”.

Find out more by watching SKOPE’s video on Bamboozle, the Whet Drinking Room and Johnny Sausage.

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