SKOPE Classic 2017: Revs, Racing and Records at Ruapuna

SKOPE Classic is acknowledged as one of the best classic car race meetings in New Zealand by car enthusiasts and drivers alike.

In its 26th year, SKOPE Classic attracted a record 300 competitors from around the world. Taking to the track at Ruapuna this year were motorsport legends; Australian based Jim Richards, Italian Gianfranco Brancatelli, Swedish Ulf Grunberg, and local hero and Patron of the Canterbury Car Club, Trevor Crowe. This year also marked the first year that SKOPE Classic featured historic Formula One cars from the legendary 1970’s James Hunt era.

Another personal record set
Another legend of the 1970’s is the Porsche 911 IROC replica (1974) which is driven by one of SKOPE Classic’s biggest supporters, Guy Stewart, SKOPE’s Managing Director. The 911 IROC has been around the track every year since SKOPE became a sponsor 16 years ago but 2017 was a year for a new personal best in this car:

“I set my fastest time in IROC at this year’s SKOPE Classic at 1:34.93, so that’s pretty cool.”
– Guy Stewart, SKOPE Managing Director

No stranger to competitive racing
The 911 IROC was built by John Warring from a 1973 911S and “… is an amazingly competitive car given its age and 3.4 litre engine,” Guy says. IROC had another great year, placing second in the Ron Silvester 5 lap and 6 lap races and third in the Stanton Bros Sports and GT’s race, before Guy’s weekend was cut short by an impact that damaged a suspension strut.

Well acquainted with the driver’s seat
Guy started racing 16 years ago and has never looked back. Not only has Guy competed in club races and shorter endurances races (one and three hour) in New Zealand, he has also competed in longer endurance races. Guy raced in the ADAC 24 Hour (Nürburgring) three times, the Dubai 24 Hour twice, as well as a VLN 4 Hour (Nürburgring) and the Bathurst 12 hour.

An update on the GT2
For those of you wondering where Guy’s Porsche GT2 was this SKOPE Classic, it is undergoing an engine rebuild and was not available in time. Hopefully we will see this ex “Racing” Ray William’s 850HP GT2 back on the track soon. To get a sense of how fast it is have a look a the video below to see it in a handicap race against a group of muscle cars starting one minute after the first cars leave.

Bring on SKOPE Classic 2018
Planning for the race schedule in 2018 is already underway. Guy plans to compete in SKOPE Classic 2018 for the 17th year in a row as long as it doesn’t clash with a possible drive in the Bathurst 12 Hour endurance race. Can’t wait to see what new records can be set next year. See you there!

The Roots of Success

The CEO Magazine recently spoke to Guy about SKOPE’s deep family roots, its strong culture, and its unique place in the market. Two generations of Stewart family members have worked together to build  SKOPE Industries Limited into the globally renowned company it is today.

When Robert Stewart first bought the company that would grow into SKOPE Industries Limited 45 years ago, it employed 25 people out of a small factory in Christchurch, New Zealand. Today, it boasts a family of 350 employees and is run by Managing Director  Guy Stewart, Robert’s son.

Under Robert and Guy’s leadership, the company has flourished, building a global reputation for designing and manufacturing commercial refrigeration solutions. Over the years, the organisation has shifted and evolved, moving from its original focus—heating products—to complex commercial refrigeration.

“In the  marketplace,  we have the  strongest brand  by miles.  Market  researchers  have told us  that our brand  outstrips any  other brand.”  - Guy Stewart

“In the marketplace, we have the strongest brand by miles. Market researchers have told us that our brand outstrips any other brand.”
– Guy Stewart

To read the full interview click here

Bathurst 12 Hour – an amazing race, and it is both a fantastic and brutal track

The 2014 edition of the Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12 Hour is the biggest in event history; never before have so many highly regarded international teams and drivers dared to tackle the once-around-the-clock classic. It’s an international endurance race, for performance and production cars, at the spiritual home of Australian motor sport.

A fantastic day racing in the Bathurst 12H 2014

A fantastic day racing in the Bathurst 12H 2014

Mount Panorma is the top race track in Australia, and one of the best anywhere in the world. Bathurst is a breathtaking mixture of high speed straights, and tight, twisting, blind corners. A new track surface for 2014 means that the late Allan Simonsen’s 2:04.95 lap record from 2012 will most likely fall.

Six different classes of cars — A, B, C, D, F, and I — competed in the 2014 Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12 hour. Class A, also referred to as GT3 Outright, is for the newest GT3-spec cars that will fight for overall victory. I raced in Class D, the largest of the invitational classes, is for cars with 3001cc+ with Motorsport Services (New Zealand). It was the first time I have raced a front wheel drive car (a 400HP Seat Leon Supercopa) with sequential “paddle shift” and dedicated left foot braking. It was an amazing race, and it is both a fantastic and brutal track. We got hit a couple of times, lost aero and other body work, got doused in fire extinguisher stuff, and still came third in our and 23rd overall.

A fantastic crazy day.

Look at the cars in this class. A Seat Leon Supercopa? An old M3-GTR? An Australian reproduction of the Shelby Daytona Coupe? Sure, why not? This was certainly fun to race and I’m sure to watch because it’s such a hodgepodge of cars.

7 – Maximum Motorsport – Subaru WRX Sti
22 – GT Radial / Radio Hauraki – Seat Leon Supercopa
28 – GWS Personnel – BMW 335i
42 – Motorline BMW – BMW E46 M3-GTR
65 – Daytona Sportscars – Daytona Sportscar Coupe
66 – Motorsport Services Limited – Seat Leon Supercopa
97 – Mortimer Motorsports – BMW M3 E92

See for yourself –