Flower, Chocolate or Wine Refrigeration

With Valentine’s Day only a matter of weeks away, retailers throughout Australasia will be gearing up to stock the very best chocolates, wines and flowers to help celebrate this festival of romance.

With the introduction of SKOPE’s new ActiveCore fridges late last year, we now offer a product range that is perfectly suited to chilled storage of temperature sensitive, high margin products.

ActiveCore’s Flexible Temperature Control

ActiveCore models have flexible temperature control ensuring products are stored and displayed at the optimum temperature. The temperature controller can be easily adjusted by retail staff for temperatures between 1- 15 °C to suit whatever delicate products are being stored.

This new feature controls the cabinet’s temperature by using probes to collect data and turns the refrigeration system on and off to maintain the correct desired temperature based on the collected data.

ActiveCore fridges also maintain a very good average internal humidity level, particularly suited to the storage of flowers. The cabinet’s internal airflow has also been optimised by a redesigned rear duct to maximise cooling performance while minimising temperature variations for a more consistent product temperature.

Unlike traditional commercial refrigerators that have a limited range of adjustability (usually from 1-5 °C ), Flexible Temperature Control provides retailers greater flexibility while maintaining product quality and extending shelf life.

Cabinets fitted with a more traditional Fixed Temperature Control have to be factory pre-set in order to store and display wine, flowers and chocolate, which provides limited retail flexibility over time.

ActiveCore also offers market leading energy efficiency so retailers will benefit from significant power savings over time.

ActiveCore models use the best available LED lighting rather than fluorescent lighting, which means that there is no UV light being emitted into the cabinets. The LEDs also have a super long life, work extremely well in cold temperatures and significantly enhance the look of products on display when compared with fluorescent lighting, or low quality LED lights.

Recommended Temperatures

1) Flowers: Cool and humid  ActiveCore for flowers

Keeping valuable flowers fresh for as long as possible requires the right temperature, as well as humidity.

Flower storage ranges from 1-8°C, with common types around 2°C and more exotics around 8°C. With flowers it also relies a lot on the humidity levels within the cabinets to keep flowers hydrated.

SKOPE ActiveCore provides the necessary flexibility along with a high humidity environment.

2) Wine: Cool but not too cool

Wine storage should be between 8-18°C, but this differs for Red and White wines. Red wine is normally kept at 14-16°C and White normally at 8-12°C.

(The old convention that Red wines should be kept or drunk at room temperature didn’t account for hot Australian summers or our modern heating, so placing Reds in the fridge before drinking is definitely a good idea – and will also prolong their quality over time. At the same time, removing Whites from the fridge for at least half an hour before drinking is also advisable).

3) Chocolate: Cool and wrapped wrapped chocolates

Chocolate storage is usually around 10-18°C, however this is very dependent on the type of chocolate. SKOPE ActiveCore’s flexible temperature controller makes it easy to adjust the temperature depending on exactly what products you are storing.

We recommend ideally wrapping chocolates to prevent discolouration when storing  in refrigeration.

Changing an ActiveCore cabinet’s temperature set point is a simple procedure that can be carried out by the end user. See below or refer to the cabinet’s user manual for detailed instructions.

ActiveCore temperature control


For more information on SKOPE’s new range of ActiveCore models visit About ActiveCore.